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Hey everybody im Nena i'm 18 & i'm an Otaku i love anime and i love reading manga a lot!! i need recommendations for new animes to watch please let me know & i want to make some friends on here as well (^.^) Sorry for the short bio i'm not good with these things >.> Bye bye *(^_^)*

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December 19, 2012

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March 6, 2013

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chikoritaBH avatar chikoritaBH


Jan 3, 2013

I'm from the Czech Republic. :D It's really far from the USA. :D The Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe. You can find it next to Germany. :D


I hope this link will help you. :)

chikoritaBH avatar chikoritaBH


Dec 29, 2012

You are welcome, Nena. :)  Thanks for adding me as a friend. Oh... you like romance genre. :D Really interesting. I don't like this anime genre... it's a stereotype - love between a girl and a boy... :D The best animes are about love between boys or between girls... xDD

Where are you from, Nena?

AkaiIka13 avatar AkaiIka13

Thanks! ^_^

Dec 19, 2012

THX for adding me as your friend, Melody!  ^^

chikoritaBH avatar chikoritaBH


Dec 19, 2012

Welcome to Anime-Planet! :)

AkaiIka13 avatar AkaiIka13


Dec 19, 2012

Welcome to Anime Planet, Nena! xD

As you like shoujo, romance and comedy, I think the animes Nana and Pech Girl are good for you.

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