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Major Season 2

Apr 29, 2011

Major Season 2. If you watched the first season, you definitely have to watch this one too.


At the beggining, we meet Komori, Shimizu and Sawamura, now older than in the first series. Then arrives Goro, who just moved back. He learns that East Mifune Middle School baseball is having hard times, and despite his injury from the past, he overcomes himself and helps. More interesting it becames when his opponent is Toshiya Sato, he himself having gone through hard times. And there's also Kaido - exclusive school for prominent atheletes. Who will join? Who will win? Goro or Toshiya?

I really liked the story. I guess it was one of the best stories in whole 6 series. It's kinda natural, although for someone who doesn't do sports it's a little unbeliaveble. But it is definitely something worth to see. Things happen, things you'd never thought that would happen, and nothing is easy.


Animation of second series definitely improved. In a really good way. It's much more smooth and really nice and so on. I liked it a lot.


I have to say that I really loved music. Opening, ending, soundtrack, everything. It was so good. It was great! Touching, fitting...simply great.


The main task of characters in this series is to tell us that even if they aren't kids anymore, they still aren't adults. They have changed, but in the end, their heart remained the same.

They are really good characters. You believe in them, you like them, you hate them,and you sometimes even uderstand them. Sometimes...not.


2nd series was definitely better than the first one. It was like a big battle - battle with growing, battle with own heart and mind, battle with future and battle of friendship, and battle of baseball, of course. I loved it.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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