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Naruto Shippuden

Sep 16, 2010

I have to say, I hesistated to watch Naruto for a looong time. But when I finally did, I rushed to see Shippuuden. I think that the name itself,in english the Hurricane Chronicles, is quite accurate. Naruto Shippuuden will take over your mind and senses with speed and strenght of hurricane.


I think that the story is the best part of Naruto,at least for me. If you look all the way through the comedy,battles and 'dattebayo', you'll find an amazing story about friendship,betrayal,fate,view of evil and bonds. And I mean it.I'm not much emotive, and I don't usualy cry while reading or watching TV,but Naruto,manga and anime,made me cry.Twice. Of course,there are really annoying fillers,but that's not the real story,no big deal.The story continues the one from Naruto series,two and half year later. Naruto returned from his training,ready to find Sasuke and bring him back,whatever it might take.But along with new allies,new enemies appear,and Sasuke isn't willing to come back. But like would Ńaruto himself say ''Give up on me giving up.'' 


Animation was one of the biggest reasons why I refused to watch the first series for so long. But that doesn't apply for Shippuuden,though. I think animation is pretty good,really. There are weak moments,when you sit,stare and think 'I would do it better'(Yes,I mean Naruto vs Pain) but most of the time is enjoyable- of course, I have seen better,but also worse. It's average and pretty,and suited for Naruto :D 


Sound is,well,for me is awesome. I think it really fits the situations,the feelings,really.Sometimes you won't maybe even notice it,but it's really good.It's sad when you want to cry,and comedical when you burts out laughing.Also openings are beatiful,and endings too. You heard it once,you have to listen to it all the time. That's what sound of Naruto Shippuuden is.

my favorite opening,heh :D But they are all the best :D


Characters in Naruto are really well done. Everyone must find some character he will like,even if it's pervy Jiraya, cool Itachi, agressive Sakura or baka Naruto. You will love them ,you will hate them. Naruto,main character,didn't really change from the first series. Well,probably only Sasuke changed, a lot.Some may say they hate him,but when you watch the story carefully,you find out,he has reasons to be what he is. That's the greatest fact about characters in Naruto. They all have reasons to be what they are,even if it doesn't seem. There are some stereotypical characters,but also those you can't put in any category. A lot of new characters come and die through the series,but almost every single of them leaves his own 'footprint' in the story.


I say WATCH IT! Naruto Shippuuden is goddamn popular and for a reason,believe it!! in original dub with subtitles

10/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Annalyn Dec 20, 2010

Personally, I think Naruto himself did change a bit between the first and second series. He has his immature moments, but, as the series goes on, he gets more and more mature. He's becoming pretty cool.

I agree on the "p.s." - Japanese and subtitles are the way to go. I tried watching Naruto with English dubs and it took weeks to get Jiraya's terribly cheesy English voice out of my head. Oh, the pain!

And I agree with Kawazaki - the fillers begin to annoy me. Some of them are good once I get over the fact that they are flashback fillers, but I do want to move on. Fourteen weeks of fillers is just too much. And yet, I remain loyal to the show!

Good review - it's fun to see what other viewers think.

AnimeShima Dec 19, 2010

Naruto is my favourite of all time but the recent fillers are becoming kind of annoying, there's just too much of flashback. I know it's because the gap between the manga and anime is closing but they could maybe make some fillers about other Jinjurikis before pain attacked Konoha or something related to Naruto Shippuuden T_T

Anyway, thanks for the review.