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Well, just another guy who like to watch anime in his freetime while enjoying a cup of coffee.

The other point is, this guy love very much about a bitter sweet anime-like, a sad ending but that give some meaning in it, is just perfect for me. So, please share and let me know if you get some bitter sweet/sad romance anime.

The real is, I just don't fit with some happy plot. Well, the reality is the best after all. Sometimes, the sadness give you much more important lesson than the happy one.

Sorry if my english is suck.

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wolfangel87 says...

Don't forget to add an anime list!

Happy Birthday!!!

Nov 15, 2010
Lagore says...

Heh, sorry... I didn't mean to sound rude or anything.  I just didn't understand your comment. 

I just thought the show pandered to anime fans and fell back on cliches rather than genuinely trying to construct a well-crafted story.  And I think that that sort of attitude is detrimental to the profession of storytelling on the whole, if that makes any sense.

Jul 25, 2010
coffeebreath says...

Why haven't you any anime listed???

Well, I noticed you added me so HI.

From your description I think you need to watch Saikano immediately if you have not already!

Jul 6, 2010
Lagore says...

Haha, pardon?  Your comment tells me that you don't have pretty much quality of good explaining things in English.

Jul 5, 2010
Pehrif says...

well,have a great time

Jul 3, 2010