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Elfen Lied

Jan 20, 2012

Well, well... As you can see, I haven't enjoyed this story as much as all the other people. I've been looking forward to seeing it since I was on 5th grade of primary school, however, with the first episodes arrived a dash of disappointment, which had been growing minute by minute. If I was to point out the cons of this anime, it would most certainly be the level of remission and compassion between the characters or the unrealistic amount of blood involved in every "gotta kill em all" scene. But since it's animated and I'm more into happier or more psychological kind of anime, I wouldn't dare to blame it for that. As for the remission and compassion I mentioned above, I really feel like Kohta (the main character) is just so caring that it is almost unbelievable. Well I wouldn't ever fogive someone who killed my family even if the person would be in some kind of rage that he doesn't know about. The creators of this anime probably wanted to condone Nyu's/Lucy's (the second main character's) actions, but I somehow failed to agree with it. In fact, I wanted her to kill everyone from the corporation where she was kept in as a "guinea-pig" (well, in the end it wasn't like that actually) and then kill herself, because that seemed like the only possible solution. Everything started going in some other direction , though. Overall it was woth watching, but if you are looking for some soothing anime I do not recommend watching this one. Unfortunately, this is just my opinion, so you'll have to watch it yourself. (^_^)

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FreddyCrab Jan 21, 2012

Nice review :) Personally I'm uite a fan of Elfen Lied, but I totally agree- Kouta should NOT have forgiven Lucy for killing his family. If it were real life Kouta would have klled her or something, why he can forgive her I fail to realise O_O