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  • Finished Rurouni Kenshin Season 2 and Toradora!

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Finished Rurouni Kenshin Season 2 and Toradora!

17 JUL

After two months of repeat stalling and watching, I finally finished watching the second season of Rurouni Kenshin. I remember people calling it "Kyoto Arc" and after hearing good things about it, why not watch that season?

The story isn't that much big awesome. I mean, Good guy vs. Bad Guy is the overall picture tbh. Though I really liked most of the episodes. One episode when Kenshin said farewell to Kaoru (is that her name lol); Kenshin's duel again's Saito; His duel against Shinimori; His training; etc. They are awesome done I think.

The animation, the dialoques, the sounds, I think most of the them are made well.

There are instance that  bugged me though, jut like those episodes when Aoiya house is fighting against the 3-5 Shin- I forgot :p. The fights are predictable and the dialogues are not so great during those times. I wanted to kill that whiny kid (Yahiko) myself tbh :heh: Another one is that Monkey guy (Sanosouke) vs. Monk (iforgothisnamelol) when they started punching their sides that could have killed them regardless of 'countering the force' of enemy's punches.

But overall, I think this is awesome. I just loved action, sword fights and old (awesome) animation, so I'll give this up to 4/5.

Another anime that I suddenly finished is Toradora. Well, it was a surprised since my sister suddenly asked me to marathon the whole episodes with her. After two days of watching, done.

The anime itself is not bad. It's a romance anime, with many twist and turns. The first part is a bit episodic and entertaining, while the second half is full of drama and...stuff lol.

The relationship between Taiga and Ryuuji(?) is interesting and going well, then the second half, when the story tellers put their relationship into conflicts and dramas. I admit though, the second half felt rushed for me, maybe because I missed something in the first half, or I'm just dense. Though i liked them nonetheless.

I'll give 3.5~4/5. It was entertaining ride. Some WTFLOL moments, and the the drama shouldn't be that bad.

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