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Finished Gundam Seed Yay!

11 JUL

Well, since there's some place to rant just for my self, why not use it! LOL

Anyway, I just finished Gundam Seed, and I think I'll put it to 3.5 out of 5.

It's good for a Gundam Series, I guess, that it' tries to convey the characters' feelings to the viewers. The fights are good. The drama is ok. The animation most of the time is good.The songs are awesome (though I don't understand them LOL, but I feel the emotions...).

There are downs too. I find the dialogues sometimes too much and sometimes unnecessary excess. There are some 'what-just-happened' scenes. Uhmm...Also, Kira not answering to Rau's questions at the end, it felt like he didn't developed at all. It felt like he's just convincing himself during all this time that he matured, but in reality, he did not.

I might be also be confused of Lacus' sudden change, but I guess Kira and Athrun became her motivation for her actions.

Anyway, I enjoyed the series. I remember crying when everybody is crying for Nicole. I also remember rewinding some fighting scenes since they caught my eye. So yeah, nice Gundam series.

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Jun 29, 2014

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