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I said that law from September 24th to October 6 ready to go and see isn’t just that or York okay a them back into the weather care Grove report okay scared to say that boys and girls regardless the rain in the week we had a couple bygones even just humidity do that's on the plants the temperature change date and the night so of the so-called will grow will put water on the plants they get wet okay I talked lot people right now that are already getting whitewater plants so go out shake the water from your plans look for signs about water have revealed new kept that hope what Safer Colon up yet rated yeah a all kinds of people are having problems with mall and I can't stress how important this assay that the last the last two episodes day if you don’t believe me believe you leave the tears fellow guard as yes horrible to put all that time in have it altered black who okay alright so the for those keep moving watching right to the end time for giveaway yeah with a concert day some people may have seen someone posted online okay means loans short ones okay and we're going to give one away David explaining the terms are you with yourself by I so first law course as we are met show these metal plates your purchase are you you’re reading this in a min based on the need your medical purpose his by so that light other was yearly a comment on this video your name will be put your friends can help you win by giving your are you their spot in the head estanmention you and your name goes in.....

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