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28 JAN

Well once again im sitting here in photography, and im still SICK :(

the stress is killing me with all the finals.

plus i wanna stay after school to work of stuff but then Trevor wants me to come over :/

gahhhh this is dumb.

but im thinking i know what im gunna be for sakuracon.

i think ill be shizuma from strawberry panic...

and after con im saving up to be kos-mos from xenosaga(: shes sooo pretty.

i cant wait to finish up on finals so that i can get back to my anime.

i finished shuffle! and found it to be ahh kinda just llike the other anime series, nothing special, it was toooo focused on romance and no comedy to lighten the mood. but the animation was amazing for it. but the american voice actresses were sooo annoying. if your about to watch it, ide skip it and watch something else. its not worth it.

well wish me luck with everything!


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