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Hi there, who ever can see this should know I'm an anime loving junky, also referred to an otaku but I do have a job and a social life but apart from days not spending socialising I'm mostly up in my room watching anime. I'm the type of person who would stay up through the night watching anime seasons or various anime films. :D 

I've just recently become a member but I'll make sure I'll I update my account so I can share with other anime a lovers, hopefully my suggestions pick your fancy!! :D 

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MisakiIch says...

Ah thanks for recommendations i´ll try them watched soon as posible :)

That´s five months. I  thought they are real time spend by watching  ...ghibli colection? I never heard that term before, but Miyazakis films...i saw spirited away very nice and also howls moving casle, others i´ll must watch :)     

And about paprika. In my language (and few others) it´s mean capsicum. :)

Jun 10, 2014
MisakiIch says...

Thanks for welcome. :)  

5 months anime? Congratulation! How you get it. :)  Could you recommendate me some interesting anime? :)

paprika? It´s sound like from midle Europe. :) 

Jun 6, 2014
Lexan says...

Hi, thanks! Sorry for the late reply, all my exams are done now though so back to anime :D

Jun 2, 2014
bekarowlandns2013 says...

Sorry I didnt reply i didnt see the comment and thanks ill ask you if i have any questions :) 

Apr 10, 2014
Sianeka says...

Of the episodes I've seen so far, I've only seen the subbed version, but wanted to watch the dubbed version... maybe I'll need to rethink that!

Apr 8, 2014