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In regard to anime, I recommend only one thing: make use of your media-player’s playback accelerator. 140~250% depending on pacing. If you’re media-player doesn’t have this feature, use one that does.

Also, for the betterment of humanity, stop using VLC.

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snivets Aug 25, 2016

That would be fun! I may work a half day on Friday though. Any idea what your choice of accommodations might be?

snivets Aug 21, 2016

Once upon a time, Nate decided he was done watching anime forever. So I "inherited" his Crunchyroll account, but at that time, and possibly still now, it was impossible change your username on C-roll. When I created the account here, I decided to keep it the same over both sites. I still hear about it from him sometimes LOL. And yes, it was a good recommendation. You don't want to look at my Goodreads either.

snivets Nov 14, 2009

Hihi--grand total is..a lot...check it out, dude~