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Before anything, know I probably already dislike you and you'll probably grow to dislike me very quickly. I don't have much to say about myself other than what you can make of for yourself, and I don't feel like writing out a personal statement about my life. But hey, if you've seen me around, like my reviews or whatever, drop me a message anyway. I'm usually nice. To an extent.

As you can probably tell, I love cute things. I'm a transgender girl with a very feminine perspective, although I describe myself and act tomboyish in a lot of ways. As per example of me being loud, loving to climb everything even when wearing skirts, and being generally abusive and foul-mouthed.

Oh, I love books and if you have any particular favourite sci-fi, fantasy, absurdist, or theatrical play that you personally like, let me know so I can check it out.

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jypsyjulia Mar 16, 2014

I am wearing beige striped bikini underwear! 

Just so you know.

(Also, I totally had to Google that because I had no idea what styles of underwear there were. I feel so educated now.)

ShionSonozaki Mar 16, 2014

You're a wonderful writer and seem like an awesome person. Your review of Diabolik Lovers hit the nail right on the head. Just watching an episode made me want to beat my head off a wall. I'm determined to see it through though, just for the sake of having an angry review to write at the end of it all. 

Anyways, just dropping a message to say that. Keep up the awesomeness! ^_^

cronus7 Mar 14, 2014

How am I supposed to know?

Random comments kinda just 'happen' when a person's bored.

and deprived of the sweet wonder that is sleep.

On a side note it seems like you're among the few who have seen kiki's delivery service almost as many times as I have. Watch it one more time and you should get there.

Congrats on that.

cronus7 Mar 13, 2014


but you're going to anyway, aren't ya?

oh well...

In that case, reverse copypasta!

I love books, am a nerdy guy, and I'm pretty average.

Technically not copypasta though...

Either way the spagetti monster will be pleased!

RingoStarr1991 Mar 13, 2014

Your reviews are pure gold and fun to read.