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Gokicha is a humerous 4-koma about a cockroach (portrayed as a cockroach sized girl) called Gokicha trying to find acceptance among humans but is inevitably chased of, sprayed or stamped on (all of which she survives, because she's a cockroach). I think it's a prequel  (the original, I think, being Gokiburi Gijinka).

In any case, it's a funny, cute 4-koma about a dumb cockroach who misunderstands situations and never anticipates evil intentions from people. As 4-komas go, it's a good one but the same 'cockroach being chased off' situation gets quite boring and also I'm not much of a 4-koma fan, so I'd give it 7.5.

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7.5/10 overall
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