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Threads of Time

Mar 31, 2013

Threads of Time is an interesting historical story of a teenager who gets caught up in a shogunate type Korea.

Normally I stay away from historical things as I find them boring, and this might have been no exception, but I continued anyway to find out how the present day school boy would survive in this sword weilding environment. I was not disappointed by the realism, it was a very serious take on the issue, no last minute saving of damsels in distress, no immediate win for the hero. It was a sombre look at early Korea.

Story - The protagonist is a high schooler who is transported to early Korea into the body of a boy of similar age from a fairly wealthy family who had been in a coma. The story was quite slow for me when I read it but this was back when I was used to shounen types where the wrongs are righted straight away and no harm comes to others, which is why I was also shocked by the harm that came to others. Side characters die on both sides and it is truly a dark tale, but a twist makes it a manhwa worth reading and the fact that there is a proper ending to it also makes it worth while.

Art - Not a style I am used to and hence I marked it down, it's definitely readable, just not what I wanted. Opinions are opinions.

Characters - I am not marking this in terms of character development as I don't remember clearly, but as far as how interesting the characters are, it deserves a 9. The protagonist is your typical hero, he'll kill for revenge and to get back to where he was, the others are interesting too though I don't remember the details.

Overall - It is worth reading. It is interesting and it is fulfilling.

7/10 story
6/10 art
9/10 characters
7/10 overall

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