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PandaTeddy / 20-something-year-old Who Still Watches Kids' Shows

I grew up watching anime (Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Tenchi Muyo!), but never really knew it was Japanese when those shows were on TV. I became an actual anime fan sometime around 2005 when a friend of mine introduced me to D.N.Angel and Fruits Basket.

Some of my favorite anime shows are (in alphabetical order): Cowboy Bebop, Excel Saga, Fruits Basket, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, and Sailor Moon (the S and Stars seasons in particular), and Wolf's Rain. I also love Studio Ghibli films.

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Itachi14 says...

Happy Birthday! ^^

Nov 14, 2010
Predator7 says...

Wow, many thanks for the elaborate review. I'll definitely give it a go!

Thank you for being awesome ^^

Dec 30, 2009
Predator7 says...

Welcome to Anime-Planet!

I have School Days on my "want to watch" list and I was wandering how is it compared to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, since you've recommended it!

Btw, interesting username you have there! ^^

Dec 28, 2009
xXYoruichiXx says...

Cute username! Welcome to Anime-Planet. Hope you enjoy yourself here. ^_^

Aug 11, 2009