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I've been watching anime a long time. VHS's of Vampire Hunter D and Fist of the North Star the movie where my intro into this world. Since then I have discovered a diverse variety of genres in anime and rate any five star anime on my watched list is a masterpiece. 

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wolfangel87 says...

I have always livd in California, although I love to travel.  I have been through most of Europe and hope to travel to Asia sometime soon.  My goal in life is to be able to travel somewhere new whenever I am able

Nov 26, 2010
wolfangel87 says...

Haha, well thanks for not grabbing my bum!

Work keeps me really busy, I am an intellectual property paralegal and we are going to trial soon, it always gets crazy during these times!  LOTS and LOTS of working overtime and long hours cooped up in the office!

I only dropped Yu Yu Hakusho on my manga list, same with most of the mangas that have been turned into animes.  I will occasionally take the time to go and read them but I usually skip through a lot of the parts that are in the animes.

What kinds of things do you write about?

Nov 18, 2010
wolfangel87 says...

Thanks for putting me on your friends list!

I just read some of your reviews and you write really well!  I wish I had more time in the day and then maybe i would write some reviews, I barely have time to watch anime as it is!

I am going to have to go for a girly character!  ^_^  I like Sango, I always liked her stregth and ability to keep going.

Nov 14, 2010
wolfangel87 says...

Who was your favorite Inuyasha character?

Nov 13, 2010
Saxsen says...

that my pleasure and i have watch some of the Gundum seires and to finish off i have been to bath only twice and i saw the hot spring (LOL) of which bath is named after. the second time i went was for a rugby tour so i saw more rugby than anything else. thanx for the reply.

Nov 10, 2010