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I've been watching Anime a long time. 

It used to be called Japanimation.

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Saxsen Nov 10, 2010

that my pleasure and i have watch some of the Gundum seires and to finish off i have been to bath only twice and i saw the hot spring (LOL) of which bath is named after. the second time i went was for a rugby tour so i saw more rugby than anything else. thanx for the reply.

chii Nov 3, 2010

tis fun stuff :D how you liking it? making some new anime goals to get more badgs? XD

chii Oct 29, 2010

My total favourites are Wing, Turn, and MS Team, AND Stardust. I think all are worth watching. Turn isn't all that great at times but it has a great story and is just plan fun. The rest are MUST watches because they are so completely awesome! :D

chii Oct 27, 2010

I wouldn't really say I'm starting monster quite yet. I just put it in the watching pile to satisfy some of my OCD issues that no one would really understand XD I will start it and finish it before the year is out though :)

As for gundam. I think the first gundam was goodish but very boring at times and i didn't like a certain hero from the series very much :P proving to be interesting since I'm watching zeta at the moment. lol

Gundam X was just bleh. the story was pretty bland as well. Gundam 0080 I thought was icky because the main character was a young boy who cried A LOT. it just irritated me greatly and kind of ruined the show for me.

The gundam universe has always interested me and I'm glad I'm getting them all watched finally. I love space battles and great wars being fought. ^___^

chii Sep 18, 2010