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I hereby state that I am a Japanophile.

I hereby state that I am avid anime and samurai film spectator. 

I hereby state that it is the Japanese language that makes anime and live action so beautiful.

I hereby state that a conversation about anime and anything japanese related with me would be delightful.


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chii says...

ya totally worth watching. some of the students are annoying as all hell but the teacher makes up for it. he's awesome.

Nov 24, 2011
kyuuketsukii says...


I see you're watching Turn A Gundam and you've rated it only 3 stars so far, not enjoying it all that much? 

Nov 20, 2011
Flameking1 says...

Hello, the version im watching is bluray-rip 960p, i really wanted to watch a shounen show like this one, im liking it :D i see you watch Lupin III, can you recommend it ?

Nov 11, 2011
MarcusChristoper says...

I found 5 different episodes for that season by watching the first on anime fuel and then going to animefreak. Animefreak only lists 4, but anime fuel lists 5 and if you watch the first at anime fuel, it is different than the 4 that are available on animefreak. Don't get bent out of shape was just letting you know so you can look it up and watch it.

May 22, 2011
Flameking1 says...

thanks i've also added you,

of course i will watch monster in japanese with english subs,

bye bye

Jan 19, 2011