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I've been watching Anime a long time. 

It used to be called Japanimation.

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kyuuketsukii Nov 24, 2011

Lol yeah I always burn myself out on Gundam aswell, I started watching double Zeta a week or so back, stalled on episode 5, the beggining of it is abit silly.

Gundam AGE is horrible lol, the characters are all pretty terrible, I dont think I will continue to watch that. Theres going to be a another series of Gundam based on the Manga which is a retelling with extra side stories of the original Gundam, I'm looking forward to that.

most the stuff in my watching list I've actually stalled on at the moment other than Maid-sama, which I'm enjoying.

I'm always up for talking about Gundam aswell.

kyuuketsukii Nov 24, 2011


Turn A gundam is my favourite Gundam series, I don't recall there being any fillers, the older series all had pointless episodes aswell. I enjoyed MSGZ but the drama got really repetative and predictable, Kammile was a great character though. 

I havn't seen that many episodes of Guilty Crown but it had that kind of *I've seen this before* feeling to it for me. it's a little code geassy.

I hope you enjoy the second half of Turn A~

chii Nov 24, 2011

ya totally worth watching. some of the students are annoying as all hell but the teacher makes up for it. he's awesome.

kyuuketsukii Nov 20, 2011


I see you're watching Turn A Gundam and you've rated it only 3 stars so far, not enjoying it all that much? 

Flameking1 Nov 11, 2011

Hello, the version im watching is bluray-rip 960p, i really wanted to watch a shounen show like this one, im liking it :D i see you watch Lupin III, can you recommend it ?