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I hereby state that I am a Japanophile.

I hereby state that I am avid anime and samurai film spectator. 

I hereby state that it is the Japanese language that makes anime and live action so beautiful.

I hereby state that a conversation about anime and anything japanese related with me would be delightful.


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kyuuketsukii says...

You can download it here. You may need to be a member to see the links on the site but it doesn't take more than 5 minutes to register.

Nov 26, 2011
kyuuketsukii says...

Let me know if you want the link

Nov 26, 2011
kyuuketsukii says...

I downloaded it from Anime-take. The different between this and the original is quite huge xP.

Nov 25, 2011
kyuuketsukii says...

I'm watching it in 960p, enjoying it quite abit.

Nov 25, 2011
kyuuketsukii says...

Lol yeah I always burn myself out on Gundam aswell, I started watching double Zeta a week or so back, stalled on episode 5, the beggining of it is abit silly.

Gundam AGE is horrible lol, the characters are all pretty terrible, I dont think I will continue to watch that. Theres going to be a another series of Gundam based on the Manga which is a retelling with extra side stories of the original Gundam, I'm looking forward to that.

most the stuff in my watching list I've actually stalled on at the moment other than Maid-sama, which I'm enjoying.

I'm always up for talking about Gundam aswell.

Nov 24, 2011