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20 OCT

When I decided to watch Kuroshitsuj or its english translation Black ButlerI had high hopes and a mental comparison to Hellsing. I would start by removing an notion of similarity with the exception of the "master/slave" impression and its landscape taking place throughout England.

When stripped of that idea, this what should be an over the top, serious dramatic-action piece becomes a typical, middle of the road anime. With a complete annoyance and already over use of a "catch phrase",An absurd amounts of slapstick in the first few episodes using the shows side characters and not establishing your main characters made me nauseous, almost causing me to drop this anime and never look back. I decided to give it another go.

Thankfully, the show progressed episode by episode by dropping a large amount of the slapstick, and start to focus on its main characters and story. While soundtrack blends into the background quite unnoticed. Its saving graces go to the animation. Beautiful execution from the quite young upstart of A1 Pictures (Occult Academy,Valkyria Chronicles,Working!!).

Kuroshitsuj or Black Butler really wanted to come out on top but barely scratches the surface. At least it will always have a draw to it with its Anime Convention cosplay appeal. 

But hey, "I'm merely one hell of a reviewer."


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Saxsen avatar Saxsen
Nov 3, 2010

all i will say that the review was short sweet and to the point.

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