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Ouran High School Host Club can be describe is so many words and so little words. So in this review I am going to chose my words wisely. First of all I like to think that I am a least decently culture about Japan. I have seen a couple of pieces in the past about Host Clubs. When my wife decided which anime to chose this time around and landed on our title. I was a little stunned do to my prior knowledge and her "lack there of". Most of the series was spent with her asking " Do they really do this?" To my reply of " of course. Its Male Geisha in the 21st Century") </h2>

The story was fun, funny and fast pace.

Nothing complicated or complex.Harem all the way, followed up with sweet romanticism.

Very colorful and pleasant to watch. (The Alice In Wonderland rendition is magnificent)

Soundtrack is awesome. Opening and closing theme were very catchy. Couldn't stop singing them for days and never fast forward through them the whole series.

Characters were interesting and creepy.(I guess that twin love is that "Forbidden Taboo" that only could be outspoken in Japan through its animation.) Other characters were very basic to everyday Japanese lifestyle. (Honey-senpai?) 

A must watch. For the intermediate watcher to the Otaku. A great eye opener into the amazing culture that is Japan. 


7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.3/10 overall
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