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YueGale Jul 1, 2011

Yeah i could but, i don't think i'm much of a writer right now  XP

And yeah, i understand the looking for a job situation, pretty hard lately. Glad to hear from ya man.

Also, a couple more rec's from this season: Dog Days and Sket Dance, these are pretty good ones. Also Deadman Wonderland is a pretty intense anime, alot of blood related and pretty psychological and crazy.

YueGale Jul 1, 2011

Hey Rammy, long time no see man, hope ya holding up with everything  XPGot a recommendation for ya, Tiger & Bunny, really good in my opinion

Also, you can watch Fairy Tail up to episode 75, new arc starts on 76 so theres some extra for ya. Catch ya sometime soon man, hopefully Kai too.

maaii May 15, 2010

haha that grin really got my curiosity at its best.. so i decided to start watching it while there is still bright daylight outside..

Well need i say much about the first 30 seconds of episode 1? intense...

maaii May 15, 2010

Hey:) I'm glad you added those to your list :) Really good anime series! I enjoyed watching them, and i hope you will as well :)

Thank you so much for the recs. I definitely will watch Higurashi, in fact i have been stumbling upon this one a couple of times, and your rec made it a definite Yes to see. Thanks a lot. I like horror and mystery, like you said. Ghost Hunt and its Bloodstained Labyrinth did it for me, it really had me looking behind and of course couldn't sleep that night..i had to watch the whole series at once but i guess to much ghost exposure :) So as much as i hate being just means i watched something good, so im looking forward it it:))

As for Clannad i have seen it, not the whole thing i started watching it got to a certain episode, skipped a few, then watched the ending...I even started on the Afterstory. I don't know why this anime had no effect on me. Perhaps i wasn't paying much attention, i don't know, but I just did not fall in love with it. It actually annoyed me..I guess there is just so much slice of life and slow pace that i can take.. and this one just had both at 100%..but i might revisit it one day.

Air, I will also give this one a try. Isn't that one very touching as far as drama, and sad endings? Is what i heard...

Now as for me rec something else to you..I think i you've seen pretty much all i had seen..i mean 199 watched.. I really feel im so behind on all anime!

If you think of anything else to recommend, please do! I really appreciate it! :))

Take care :)

maaii May 14, 2010

heh i agree. i always feel like there is not enough lifetime for all that anime! ;)

so which titles did you add to you WTWL ??