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Hey everyone! Name's Rhita, and I'm an Asian, homeschooled otaku. I'm an indoors person who could sit in front of a computer all day if given the chance. xD Besides anime and manga, my interests include music, roleplaying, drawing, and gaming~

I usually listen to Japanese singers, my favorites being Kalafina, Shikata Akiko, Kotoko, and Eiko Shimamiya. I also listen to various other genres, but not often.

Roeplaying is one of the things I REALLY love to do, probably on par with my anime obsession. (Probably because it can incorporate everything anime except for visuals. :P) If you roleplay too, I'd love the chance to construct one with you~ <3

Finally, I love to game(who doesn't? ;D). JRPGs are my favorite(NOT SURPRISINGLY. XD), some of the ones I've played being a couple of the Tales series, Arc Rise Fantasia, and Pandora's Tower. I've also enjoyed games belonging in other genres, such as Muramasa the Demon Blade and Fire Emblem.

That's all just the surface about me; if you want to know more or simply want to chat, feel free to post a comment~

Thanks for visiting! C: <3

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