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I mean the weird part about it was at one time and I was okay well ice major you know because like I already gone you know I am in my thirties and I have grown up with my parents have grown up to the person that I am they're very wonderful people very loving people but they're still strange to me I don't know them that well you know sorry just like meeting anyone else really when we return well going to work me to family whose dream came true and the woman you made it happen stay right there will be right back well the next week and then Ian Murray Safer Colon  actress Amy Irving talks candidly about her love life the don Guide said he shot knot's landing on this stage yes that's why we have a nice elsewhere in Asia gathering yeah now going back to the dock ship Oliver’s probably no one woman who has struggled to have a child now when they consider adoption you know what should I do where should they go here’s a couple who face these choices take a look when Jill in which married four years ago their hopes have beginning a family were crushed when they couldn't conceive turning to adoption three years later they brought home sick little boy name Brandon but within weeks they were forced to return their baby boy to his birth mother soon after the worst the real to witness the birth to their adopted baby girl Mb months past and they adopted a new born baby boy Adam but he didn't go home with Jill image why because his birth mother changed her mind.

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