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My name is OverLord01. I live in Wise County Texas which is six miles from a small town called Krum.

I am the oldest in my family. I have three other brothers, two are younger than I am and one is an older step brother. I also have three nephews: Zachary, Matthew and the newest one Jacab. These three are a handful but they make life pretty cool and interesting when I see them.

I work for a jewelery plant called "Jostens" They make rings, charms and all kinds of other things. I have been there for about a few years now. I don't plan on making this my primary job if possible.

I enjoy a variety of Anime. I began collecting and watching about a few years back. I don't have a very large collection but it is growing steadly.

Besides anime I am also a Pc Gamer too. I also collect and listen to Anime soundtracks. I have twenty-two sound tracks so far and I plan on buying more if I think about it. My mind is usually on getting dvds.

How did my anime addiction get started you ask? Well it began with my little brother when he got "Full Metal Panic" and he loaned me it. I viewed it and liked it and the rest is history. After that I purchased "Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040" and began the addiction.

I read some anime mags and PcGamer Magazine monthly.

Addicted to Dr.Pepper, Vault cola and the energy drink "Balls" in the blue bottle.

Like: Pizza, Buffalo chicken burgers and sometimes Rockie road icecream.

I really like composers Yugi Kajera and Yokko Kanno, they are so good.

Favorite bands: (Three Days Grace)( Evanescence)(Korn)(Static X)(Metallica)(Breaking Benjamin)(Rob Zombie)(El Niyo)(12 Stones)(CrossFade)(FlyLeaF)(Red Hot Chili Peppers)(Drowning Pool) and more I don't remember at the moment.

Also if you are new to my profile page feel free to add me to your friends list, I will gladly do the same. :)

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Bixie Jul 27, 2016

Ovie!! Where are you?

Bixie May 30, 2015


DeusVult Feb 4, 2015

Arise from the dead Ovie!

staruser Jan 11, 2012

good,but dead bord

and u?

staruser Dec 14, 2011


been a while huh..