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Eh I'm sorta on and off with watching anime I usually have to feel right to sit down for hours and watch some. I've watched more recent anime than older ones. I'm 20 and I've probably been watching anime for almost 6 or 7 years now.... ever since Pokemon came on Fox in the USA. I love watching anime and reading manga's. I'm also an very addictive gamer. >.> Which isn't too good but I live with it. ^^ I'm also fun to talk to, well I would hope and anyone who wants can AIM me or talk to me lol it's doesn't bother me at all. My AIM = A Faint Soul.

Eh I guess I can tell some personal things. My name is Ryan, I'm 20 like I said before. I just graduated from Highschool this past couple of Mays ago lol. For now I plan on going to college for engineering. I also work at a place that hold Videogame Tournaments in the South East. We've held plenty of tournament to get some word out. Were big on Halo 3, Guitar Hero, and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Those being are 3 biggest tournaments.

New stuff has been happening. I don't watch too much anime anymore and also some of my favs have changed big time!

Top 5 Animes:

1. Welcome to the NHK

2. One Piece

3. Casshern Sins (Just started to watch it)

4. Hokoto no Ken

5. Toriko (Watched the OVA Loved it!)

Music that catches hold of me: Electronica, American + Japanese Rock, and anything else with a catchy tune.

My top 5 Bands:

1. Linkin Park

2. Jimmy Eat World

3. Dj Cotts

4. Incubus

5. Breaking Benjamin

Games that catch me: RPGs I'm a BIG RPG player. MMO or just a plain RPG I'm usuing trying it out or playing it with friends. Final Fantasy 7 started it for my Ps1 and Then for my MMO It was Ragnarok Online.

My Top 5 Video Games:

1. Monster Hunter Series

2. Final Fantasy Series

3. Starcraft Series

4. Tales of Series

5. Megaman Series

Ofcourse I'll edit later and add more ^^.

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fergy13 Jan 22, 2009

yea dbz is great thanks i will 

Cedfas Jan 21, 2009

My X360 broke a month back and it was recently fixed.  Look me up online I plan on buying Left 4 Dead, soon.

Cedfas Sep 23, 2008

The account for X360's Cedfas.  I won't start playing online until Fable 2 releases for the system.  I just don't get much out of HALO 3.

Cedfas Sep 15, 2008

Awesome Avatar.  I live down in the south and I'm a quite a avid gamer.  Hit me up and let me know what you have on console.

Chudz Sep 15, 2008

Final Fantasy 7 OWNS!