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Different big difference okaybiggie is lively keep me going through the day and coasters too sleepy its Tucson me caving you get are like right here Rod Stewart sting Genesis Kb please write the music and that's what I like about the place on my favorite KB 14 plays the biggest variety at today's hearing his favorite the big 104 you haven't read it frightening plants bottom Tony think past lunchtime with sizzler choose from any of our new sandwiches burgers and platters starting at just $3.99 all complete with your choice a potato and freshly to selling to ride luncheon sizzling starting adjust $3.99 scared and quick can see hacked shot up the way Karen says she was gays in the time she was little however as she got older she found that most for gay relationships were unhappy and so she decided to change your life and to become straight that's when sheet her husband Mike now you too are not use your real names but Karen why you decide to change being gay toeing straight well basically Ricky I met somebody that change Safer Colon me I met somebody that I really care for I don't think I could do it finding the body a man that is then when I met Mike with Phil and you think it’s possible obviously you're living proof that this can happen I know it can happen it happened for me okay and Richard here think it's a bathing to be gay I believe that homosexuality is a stated incompletion and it's a drive toward completion it’s looking it's not a sexual issue it's an emotionally based condition so I'm not putting homosexuals down I understand the roots a bit where it comes from and I just want to let everyone know at this possibility exists because there's not a lot I could help out so do you think it's impossible for used for someone to be gay and to be happy %uh statistically medicine in the quarter to homosexuals psychologist 

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