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Summary: Doppelgangers. Mice that take the form of humans. With murderous intent, the look-alikes and the originals are both pressured to fight in their own ways. After an ambiguous event in their life, Jin-Uk and So-Hee's love life has been shattered. While trying to reconcile with her, Ji-Suk meets her look-alike, and that's how this story starts. What will he do when he, too, has a look-alike destined to kill him? And what's the secret So-Hee will never tell?

 Plot: This is a Fullcolor Chinese Webcomic Mahwa. Now that I've gotten that out of the way The Legend of Lady Mirror had a lot of psychological potential. And, for the most part, took advance of the potential. It needed to be fleshed out a lot more. Most manga either is too long or needed to be longer. I say this not because I adore this manga. If you'll allow me to elaborate, I think that the doppelgangers and the world in general needed to be explored further, for example, maybe explaining doppelgangers in the past. This concept was merely glanced upon. And they gave the weakest and one of the most overused explanation in  history.

 Art: This is a fullcolor mahwa. I enjoy fullcolors for the most part so I suppose I can't really give an unbiased opinion. The character designs weren’t over the top i.e. making characters with rainbow color hair.

 Characters: Jin-Wook is despicable. He was unlikable despicable. All throughout the Mahwa he called So-Hee's doppelganger a 'fake' and 'monster. He wasn't developed; we never really saw why he fell in love with So-Hee. I hated Jin-Wook through the whole story. So-Hee's doppelganger needed a hug, even though at times So-Hee's doppelganger was annoying just because she put up with Jin-Wook. So-Hee was a relatable character when we finally learn about her. The Legend of Lady Mirror has probably one of the smallest character casts I've seen. Let's list the relevant characters: Jin-Wook, So-Hee, So-Hee's Doppelganger, Jin-Wook's Doppelganger, Jin-Wook's Best Friend, Jin-Wook's Best Friend's Girlfriend, A Random Guy, A Random Guy's Doppelganger. That's all.

 Overall: This was a decent at best mahwa. I give it a 5 because of psychological aspects of it. I'm glad I sat through The Legend of Lady Mirror once, but I will not read it twice.

6/10 story
8/10 art
2/10 characters
5/10 overall
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