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hai! so i love anime especially romantic comedies because you know comedy and romance. i just started watching anime since i was born pretty much because my mom... she watches a lot of anime like for example pokemon, boltes five ( i think thats how you spell it ) um and other old anime, but you know me im in to more anime romance. the  boys in anime are cute like all of them are cute (except the old and creepy once) if you know these people then your awesome: Hikaru and Kaoru Htachiin, Yuki and Kio, Tohru-Honda, Naruto and the rest, pokemon! 


Half Filipino/ Half Chinese hometown: Manila, Philippines


as you saw my nationality i think its obvious what my language is but im just saying i dont really speak chinese im morE on the filipino. i learn french but i cant even really speak fluently  unlike the others they say it like their from there. my great grnadpa hes fully chinese so yea he could speak and uderstand cinese (obviuosly) but my grandpa can only understand chinese but cannot speak it, and mom no.


Well i like japanese music like some naruto songs, but mostly the depressing songs yeah, and i like R&B, pop, and rap i do not like country (no offence) except taylor swift shes good. if u like justin bieber... thumbs up for the man! i still dont get why people hate on hiim i mean like he is like the best person in the whole wild world... okay enought with the chitchat abt justin bieber or else i'll be blabbing abt some personal stuff...

Random Favourites

I like sushi, so if you ever take meout on a dinner... gimme sushi

I love pets, because since i was born my dog was always beside me (:( RIP 1999-2012

First anime i watched was pokemon (yes i know) but then so on i moved to bakugan :D

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