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I am not chii, but I am her friend ;) <3

Hello and welcome to my profile! It's been a while, and lately I've been playing catchup with all the great anime that's been coming out in that couple of years. I still don't spend nearly as much time on anime as I used to but I have been able to sit down to a few viewing sprees which is nice.

So, who is this Otaku108 person? Just some random person in the USA which doesn't tell you much I know. I try to write reviews on some of the shows that leave an indelible impression on me, be it positive or negative. I've been very bad about adding recs thou, and for that I'm sorry Sothis lol. I also try to respond to questions or comments on any of my stuff so that's always much appreciated even if you're not of the same opinion on my reiviews.

Right now the shows that I've enjoyed most lately have definitely been Log Horizon, Fractale, and probably Golden Time. Still plenty more I'm going to watch soon so be on the look out for possible future reviews!

Thank you for visiting!


A bit about my ratings/star "system" from worst to best:

0.5 Stars: Something about this title has irked me to the point that I will actively steer people away from it. Usually incest or death(s) of the main character(s) gives me that reaction.

1.0 Stars: Ultimately bad but I leave it up to others to make their own choices about, after all, everyone is different.

1.5 Stars: Also ultimately bad but had at least one redeeming value to it that made me recognize it as... "consumable".

2.0 Stars: Not very bad, but nothing noteworthy or worth revisiting later.

2.5 Stars: Decent, I enjoyed watching/reading but I wasn't overly impressed, I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone however. Might come back to it again years down the line.

3.0 Stars: I enjoyed it, there was probably something about it that stuck in my head but it also lacked something important and so I would probably only recommend it to people that specifically enjoy the same type of materials. Higher chance of me wanting to watch/read it again.

3.5 Stars: This was entertaining, I probably laughed a lot, got some sort of strong feeling from it and would probably revisit it again somewhere down the road more than once. I would also recommend this to someone if they also liked similar titles.

4.0 Stars: This was a noteworthy title, I enjoyed it thoroughly and will definitely watch/read it again. I probably will recommend it to just about anyone that enjoys the genres it's a part of. I've probably seen/read it more than once already.

4.5 Stars: Near perfection, I enjoyed this so much that I couldn't wait to talk to someone about it, sadly there was just this one thing that made it not quite worthy of 5 stars. It would get a recommendation to almost any anime/manga fan. And again, I've more than likely seen/read it more than once or twice at this

5.0 Stars: Perfection in my eyes, this was such an awesome, unique or heart string strummer also having found nothing serious to gripe about or it was just -that damned good- that I could overlook any obvious flaws it might have had that it got the last 0.5th of a star. This was either dead on my type of anime/manga or it just surprised me so much that I felt it deserved the praise. Some titles I might not recommend to people because they are so geared towards my own specific likes and dislikes that I'm not really sure how much someone else would like it. I've undoubtedly seen and read this title multiple times and will do so again at a later date.

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LilMayar says...

Just wanted to say that your review of TTGL was spot on haha.

It was perhaps one of the most painful experiences I've ever had trying to actually watch the show. The show was pitiful. Just wanted to say keep reviewing cause ttgl fanboys are gonna hate xD


Feb 21, 2011
ukato says...

That is such a badass av of Kouta XD

And pretty interesting bio. Now where's my cookie/pseudo gold star?

Feb 2, 2011
MrHanky35 says...

Yea, I haven’t had near as much free time as I used to in myearlier college life. Now my classes bare some flavor of difficulty and my scheduleis pretty full as well. Lately I haven’t been active on any forums at all asthey kind of require you to check back periodically, and currently I lack thatability with this semester’s schedule and everything else that’s been going on.For the first time ever, sleep and I have met and are currently in a forcedrelationship that starts much much earlier thin id like. I do miss them though.Lately all I have really had time to do is stay up to date on my manga list atMangafox, but that’s about it….and black ops

Jan 31, 2011
gintoki73 says...

I just got a break from real life lol, I lost my job and did not have the cash to pay my tuition, so I decided I should do something "productive" with all this free time.XD By productive I mean watch lots of anime, right now im trying to catch up on my stalled and watching lists.

Right now I am watching a few good shows, I just recently finished Mouryou no Hako and really enjoyed it.

Well it was nice to hear from you, cheers (^_^)

Jan 31, 2011
DontStay says...

You actually might be right.. I should write something there, especially comparing mine to yours.. I gave up halfway through on reading your bio >.> But I might finish the rest a bit later lol

And now since we're able to add videos/images to our profiles, I might add something like that once I get more free time or feel like doing so :)

Jan 24, 2011