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I am not chii, but I am her friend ;) <3

Hello and welcome to my profile! Well, I say that but I don't really come here much any more, thou that in now way should reflect A-P.com itself, merely that my anime viewing has reached it's zenith and went plummeting down. After all, there's only so much anime you can watch before you actually start running out of anime to watch! Let me rephrase that. There is only so much decent anime out there to watch before you run out of decent anime. Of course my idea of "decent" is subjective so your pointing out that there's so much more out there that I haven't seen is great anime becomes moot when set against my individual tastes, I thank you for your understanding.

So, who is Otaku108? Just another American Idiot that views himself somewhat of a Japan fan? Probably, but I very much don't adhere to what the word "otaku" itself means. It is simply a screen name I use as a means to convey one of my many interests in life. No, I am not a "real" otaku.

Anyway, my last version of the profile bio was very lengthy, instead I think I'll leave at this for now so as to reflect my... absenteeism from the site for so long. Feel free to send me a message any time, or comment on any of my reviews, I get emails to notify me and I can reply usually within a day or two. I enjoy reading other peoples' opinions and thought, even if they run counter to mine.

Thank you for visiting!


A bit about my ratings/star "system" from worst to best:

0.5 Stars: Something about this title has irked me to the point that I will actively steer people away from it. Usually incest or death(s) of the main character(s) gives me that reaction.

1.0 Stars: Ultimately bad but I leave it up to others to make their own choices about, after all, everyone is different.

1.5 Stars: Also ultimately bad but had at least one redeeming value to it that made me recognize it as... "consumable".

2.0 Stars: Not very bad, but nothing noteworthy or worth revisiting later.

2.5 Stars: Decent, I enjoyed watching/reading but I wasn't overly impressed, I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone however. Might come back to it again years down the line.

3.0 Stars: I enjoyed it, there was probably something about it that stuck in my head but it also lacked something important and so I would probably only recommend it to people that specifically enjoy the same type of materials. Higher chance of me wanting to watch/read it again.

3.5 Stars: This was entertaining, I probably laughed a lot, got some sort of strong feeling from it and would probably revisit it again somewhere down the road more than once. I would also recommend this to someone if they also liked similar titles.

4.0 Stars: This was a noteworthy title, I enjoyed it thoroughly and will definitely watch/read it again. I probably will recommend it to just about anyone that enjoys the genres it's a part of. I've probably seen/read it more than once already.

4.5 Stars: Near perfection, I enjoyed this so much that I couldn't wait to talk to someone about it, sadly there was just this one thing that made it not quite worthy of 5 stars. It would get a recommendation to almost any anime/manga fan. And again, I've more than likely seen/read it more than once or twice at this

5.0 Stars: Perfection in my eyes, this was such an awesome, unique or heart string strummer also having found nothing serious to gripe about or it was just -that damned good- that I could overlook any obvious flaws it might have had that it got the last 0.5th of a star. This was either dead on my type of anime/manga or it just surprised me so much that I felt it deserved the praise. Some titles I might not recommend to people because they are so geared towards my own specific likes and dislikes that I'm not really sure how much someone else would like it. I've undoubtedly seen and read this title multiple times and will do so again at a later date.

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wanryavka says...

poopy butts

Apr 2, 2013
simnys978 says...

roriconfan watches anime in order to write reviews. He like writing more than enjoying anime.

Mar 17, 2013
chii says...

yay randomness

Mar 13, 2013
charvisioku says...

It's Teito from 07 Ghost :) It's actually a while since I watched it but I remember liking it a lot.

Yeah I don't really see why so many people end up at logger-heads just because they don't like the same stuff. I find it pretty stupid to be honest; especially when people get angry over others liking stuff they don't. I personally hate Sailor Moon, but I'd never belittle someone for disagreeing with me.

Oh god the notepad. I had one of those too.. except I wrote by hand like an idiot. Ended up with scribbles all over the place, it was a disaster xD

Mar 9, 2013
charvisioku says...

Haha the welcome is appreciated ^_^I mostly joined to keep track of which anime I've seen and to find new stuff. I've been reading your reviews for a while and for the most part I find them pretty in-depth which is rare.

To be honest I tend to agree with your decision not to edit the review; I have a very similar one about "She: The Ultimate Weapon". I only watched about 6 eps (sound familiar? :p) and I just couldn't watch any more. My review's probably unfair too but who cares? The user reviews are just opinions anyway, however nicely they're dressed up. 

Mar 6, 2013