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I am not chii, but I am her friend ;) <3

Time for a change! So you've stumbled onto my profile page... Abandon hope all ye who enter here. Always wanted to say that at least once, moving on. So here I am, nearly 10 years after joining this crazy site and I still come back, adding the random review and updating my viewed list as I go. Of the various times I actually get to sit and watch anime there are still so very few that actually ignite my passion for anime. Manga is another story though, I always seem to find time to read something and as such I've kind of given up trying to update those, the list easily out numbers my anime viewed at this point and frankly I don't think I want to know anymore how much time I've spent on this stuff :P

So, some of the shows that have caught my eye and some of the ones that I enjoyed recently. Parasyte EVE was good, so was Seven Deadly Sins, and I just recently started My Love Story and was instantly hooked with the first episode. Unusual romance stories are hard to come by.

Thanks for stopping by, come by again sometime :P


A bit about my ratings/star "system" from worst to best:

0.5 Stars: Something about this title has irked me to the point that I will actively steer people away from it. Usually incest or death(s) of the main character(s) gives me that reaction.

1.0 Stars: Ultimately bad but I leave it up to others to make their own choices about, after all, everyone is different.

1.5 Stars: Also ultimately bad but had at least one redeeming value to it that made me recognize it as... "consumable".

2.0 Stars: Not very bad, but nothing noteworthy or worth revisiting later.

2.5 Stars: Decent, I enjoyed watching/reading but I wasn't overly impressed, I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone however. Might come back to it again years down the line.

3.0 Stars: I enjoyed it, there was probably something about it that stuck in my head but it also lacked something important and so I would probably only recommend it to people that specifically enjoy the same type of materials. Higher chance of me wanting to watch/read it again.

3.5 Stars: This was entertaining, I probably laughed a lot, got some sort of strong feeling from it and would probably revisit it again somewhere down the road more than once. I would also recommend this to someone if they also liked similar titles.

4.0 Stars: This was a noteworthy title, I enjoyed it thoroughly and will definitely watch/read it again. I probably will recommend it to just about anyone that enjoys the genres it's a part of. I've probably seen/read it more than once already.

4.5 Stars: Near perfection, I enjoyed this so much that I couldn't wait to talk to someone about it, sadly there was just this one thing that made it not quite worthy of 5 stars. It would get a recommendation to almost any anime/manga fan. And again, I've more than likely seen/read it more than once or twice at this

5.0 Stars: Perfection in my eyes, this was such an awesome, unique or heart string strummer also having found nothing serious to gripe about or it was just -that damned good- that I could overlook any obvious flaws it might have had that it got the last 0.5th of a star. This was either dead on my type of anime/manga or it just surprised me so much that I felt it deserved the praise. Some titles I might not recommend to people because they are so geared towards my own specific likes and dislikes that I'm not really sure how much someone else would like it. I've undoubtedly seen and read this title multiple times and will do so again at a later date.

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DontStay Jan 24, 2011

You actually might be right.. I should write something there, especially comparing mine to yours.. I gave up halfway through on reading your bio >.> But I might finish the rest a bit later lol

And now since we're able to add videos/images to our profiles, I might add something like that once I get more free time or feel like doing so :)

LinkSword Jan 19, 2011

Hi there! Thanks for the profile comment.

Yeah, it's almost an unwritten rule that I don't rate stuff as 5 stars, haha. Not because I want to, but because it's hard to say any anime/manga/other types of entertainment deserve a score akin to perfection.

One Piece is just so awesome to my eyes, the more I think about it and my long-running ride, the more I find strengths instead of weaknesses, and I'm 100% certain I'll never, ever find again an epic as engrossing as this one.

Gintama is too hilarious for words, I don't know just how many times I've laughed to tears while watching it. Also, this endless laughter can change to very strong emotions in the blink of an eye, be it heartbreaking, sad short arcs or sporadical, awesome shonen fights at its best. Humour is a very subjective matter, but I do think Gintama has notable universality. So, I absolutely recommend it to you - just remember that the first 20 or so episodes are not that good... It really picks up from there onwards.

Elfen Lied... To be honest, I've even thought about removing the 5 Stars from this one lol. It's not unconditional like the other two. But I keep refraining from doing so when I remember the strong emotional impact it had on me. I specially loved everything related to Nana, she is still a personal favorite nowadays.

I guess I could say my 4.5 list is like most people's 5 list - those really are my favorite shows ever, and even so, there are few considering all I've watched (actually, from top #17 to #21 all are 4.5- shows lol). As for the three 5's, well, let's just say they're something else in terms of enjoyment.

Perhaps I take the rating thingy too seriously, but I like being this way. =P


Now, I do demand my pseudo gold star and cookie as I've read your whole bio in return! xD

I found it interesting to read, especially the personal part. I like it that you're satisfied with the way you live your life overall - in the end, that's what matters the most and in my opinion you've suceeded. =)

It's a bit sad that I've only watched two of your Top 10 titles, Black Lagoon (great stuff) and Toradora! (quite the witty and enjoyable romance, although a bit overrated imho). Things like these remind me just how large the world of anime is. It almost feels endless, and I find that both amazing and daunting hahaha.

Also, I really should pick Kenichi up again. I stalled the manga after 4 volumes a while ago for no real reason. It was pretty good and from what I've heard it gets really awesome later on.

HikaruTenshi Jan 18, 2011

Your profile was very intersting to read. ^_^


gintoki73 Jan 15, 2011

Right on, I think I will watch metropolis. Summer wars is my favorite movie, I recently watched akira it was pretty good I did not like the end though.

gintoki73 Jan 12, 2011

Haha thats true, you know they need more idiots in Japan lol idiots dont catch colds. By the I just watched Laputa castle in the sky and it was awesome, Do you know any good anime movies to watch?