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Anime's that stand the test of time, language conversion, and even culture differences. This title didn't make it.

Originally when I saw this anime I wasn't very deep into my anime/manga obsession and I truly enjoyed, nay, loved this anime. What I saw was the subbed/Japanese "original", what I'm reviewing is the dubbed/American "conversion". I don't really know the specifics of who did it or when it was made but the dub was what I'd consider standard overly edited American junk.

More to the point, after years and years of anime viewing, along with hundreds upon hundreds of titles viewed, my tolerance for this genre has become rather thin. Anyway, on with the meat of the review.


At first, I was enamored of this, now typical, story format. Now it's tired, over used, and sadly not done as well as you will find now. Still, since it was technically a pioneer of it's day I gave it some wiggle room. Especially since it is still a fun and enjoyable story to watch, little thou it is. Shallow I guess would be the word for it, not a lot of meat to it but at least there for the enjoyment of a light hearted, candy coated, pop rom/com.


Again, for it's time and all, the animation is solid. Some still shot pans and poor quality scenery sometimes but that's par for the course for the era. What's nice is that not all the characters are cookie cutter typical bishi with rainbow hair, something you still see today, perhaps in greater quantities now than then.


Here I was a little confused with the 2nd seasons OST, especially the Opening... bagpipes? Quirky, but out of place. Althou that made me raise an eyebrow, I don't remember how the original goes and still don't really care enough either way. Sounds are just background for me and I tend to blend them into the anime as a whole rather than a seperate part.


Cluelessness, over aggressiveness, and annoyance to the extreme abound in here. While I can't say I really hated anyone other than Skuld (for the screechy voice that seemed to take an ice pick to my eardrum) for her personality along with the sound of her voice, I also can't say I was really "in love" with any of them either. Urd still rounding out the top in my list of favorites since she was the most "believable" character in the whole lot (as much as any Goddess can be considered believable).


Easily still enjoyable, but ultimately not as high a quality as I had originally rated it. There are dubs out there that are a hundred times better and frankly older than this and that alone hits the ratings hard. Add in your basic annoying character, tired jokes, and even corny (not in a cute way) battles and you get a less than desireable outcome. In the end, worth watching, but not worth watching again as I had done.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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