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Soul Eater

Honestly, I tried to watch this one because it was rated rather highly and people I've heard talk about it had good things to say but frankly, there was only one character that didn't get on my nerves completely and the rest of the show was completely pointless, repetitive, and idiotic.

There didn't seem to be any real story to it so I'm frankly bemused as to how it got 50+ eps. Perhaps it did pick up after a while but 6 eps into a show and it couldn't hook me, more over it annoyed me, kinda gives me the impression that the rest of the show isn't going to be worth my time. Especially at 51 eps...

The animation was interesting for it's uniqueness but it wasn't to my liking and I wasn't able to really enjoy the style.

The characters, as I stated before, annoyed the crap out of me and one was an obvious spoof on Naruto, aka a boisterous noisy ninja.

The sounds were even worse, I dunno why but they seemed to like to make highly annoying and loud noises randomly to the point that even I, someone that rarely pays much attention to this part of anime, got annoyed and turned the volume down. Bad sign.

Overall, I couldn't finish it, I couldn't even get through the 6th ep all the way before I just closed the window and went to find something else to do. I'm sure there are lots of people that would absolutely love this show, namely the same ones that probably loved One Piece, another show I wasn't able to get into for pretty much the same reasons.

*side note: I wasn't able to put a 0 for story so I left it blank instead*

due to a kind of overwhelming response to my review, mainly negatively toward the fact I didn't finish it I'm going to start disregarding posts. I repeat that this review is merely my opinion, it has no basis in public views, thoughts, or feelings. if you have a problem with this review, then take it up with admin for allowing -user- reviews that can be made on a uncompleted viewing.

I still thank everyone for the interest they've shown in this review and trying to defend a show they liked or a particular viewpoint they believe in. If you check out some of my other reviews you might see how I do reviews normally and that this one is by no point a true full review in my standards.

?/10 story
5/10 animation
2/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall

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blargcoster says...

If you were served a burnt steak and it tasted so bad that if you ate another bite you'd vomit, would you keep eating that steak so that people could say your review on that steak was "legitimate?" I watched one or two episodes and it didn't catch my fancy, so I dropped it. I thought it sucked and didn't feel like torturing myself to go through all the episodes. Would that make my or any other bad review any less qualified? Of course not. I'd spit that burnt steak onto the floor and leave. It also isn't like there are no other anime around, so I can't be starving, either. There are so many to choose from.

This review is just as qualified as any other. He went in two hours, you can't say he didn't try. It doesn't matter if the show takes a while to warm up. If it doesn't hook, then it won't catch. Not hooking someone is the worst an anime can do, but if the hook is so bad that it actually drives away the viewer, then that speaks for itself.

TL:DR Forcing someone to torture themselves by watching the whole thing to review something is disrespectful and very condescending of you. Especially when half of the disagreeing party use ad hominem.

PS: He didn't like the story he saw, so that is reason enough to score it low. Besides, leaving it as the question mark is actually a great choice. He didn't like it, but leaving it blank makes it unscored. Serendipitous, if you ask me.

Aug 26, 2016
charvisioku says...

Hmm. You're entitled to your opinion and I don't think you should have to watch a whole anime before you rate it - if it doesn't grip you then there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to say so.

But I do think this is a review that should be read as an opinion; I wouldn't personally have paid any attention to it in relation to my decision on whether to watch it or not. I think you're being far too harsh about story, too. It's true that most shounens lack a deep and riveting story element, but to be honest that's pretty much the genre in a nutshell - it tends to have a formula. 

As for all the characters being annoying... I understand that as long as you're not usually into light-hearted anime. They're certainly not poker-faced, serious characters. But that's the great thing about them in my opinion; I care what happens to them but they're amusing (and in Blair's case downright adorable).

I respect you for having the balls to give a negative opinion on an anime with so many fanboys though; as much as I disagree with you, it was actually quite brave of you.

I think most of us have done an "oh god this is shit" review without giving decent reasons before, I dunno why people are crucifying you quite so much for it.

Mar 5, 2013
Calahan says...

Thanks for the review. You lasted longer than I did though, as I promised myself after Fairy Tail that I'd never again watch another Shounen past the point it started to become annoying, and for Soul Eater that was 4 episodes. Surprised you didn't mention the OP/ED, as they were some of the worst I've ever heard. The ED is actually one of the worst noises of any kind I've ever encountered. It starts quiet and slow paced, and then suddenly destroys your eardrum without warning. Nice that.

And I find it amusing that several of those disagreeing with this review are also those types who have no ability to be objective or critical with their own anime ratings, having given almost everything they've ever watched 4-5 stars. What, so every anime is just as great and perfect as every other anime is it? I think not. And yet you criticise Otaku108 for this review. Lol, I think you need to get your own house in order first before you judge whether or not someone else is being objective and fair with their reviews and opinions. Bad animes do exist you know, and most animes are nothing more than average, so giving every anime an excellent score is just highly insulting to those select few animes that truly do deserve such a noteworthy score.

Dec 12, 2012
jguinart says...

This anime was utterly stupid. And i finished it!!! (I guess that makes me even more stupid...)

And all that nonsense about eating a witch's soul to become a Deathscyte? Where did it go after the first five chapters?

Dec 5, 2012
WaPow13 says...

I agree fully with everything that you said. I made it up to epsiode 43 before I stopped. I am the kind of person who stays on one anime at a time. This is the only anime that I have ever dropped watching ever. That is how bad it was. I even watched Cutie Honey and I liked that show more than this piece of crap. At least I know someone other than myself now who hates this piece of shit of a show.

Nov 2, 2012