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Divergence Eve

Nov 17, 2009

This review was pulled off the forums from an old club I used to run, the format is different for that reason but still applies here.

Overall Score: 6.5

What can you say about this to start off that doesn't touch on the overly obvious? The A-P tag "Boobs in Space" is more than obviously well earned. The gravity defying, Jell-O consistency, uniformly sized, and rather large boobs of every female character other than the token loli (android) made for a challenge to see past. Once I made the effort to look past it's visual "defects" I noticed that this show was a lot more than just a pair, or ten, of breasts bouncing in my face repeatedly. Whether or not the artist did this on purpose or just happened to have a serious Jones for large bouncy boobs I cannot say. I will say this, if one is able to see past the obvious and through the obscure you will find a very interesting show all around.

Story/Plot: 8.5

Here is where the real meat of the show is. The story itself was actually quite good, I found myself drawn to it once I got past the breasts and the very pulp fiction style. I liked the feel of the show's plot because it became almost a challenge to keep track of what was going on, bouncing all over the time line from episode one being "Mission 2" and the last 2 eps of season 1 "Mission 1"/"Mission 3" respectively. Season 2 went even more into the land of odd with it's own time/space travel into alternate possible universes and kept up with a myriad of flash backs from a multitude of characters. Indeed, had it not been for the self satisfying and unrealistic breasts everywhere this show would have had a much higher overall score on story/plot alone.

Character/Character Development: 7

The characters all seemed slightly standard from my view point, having seen a large amount of anime already there are few archetypes I haven't already seen. The insane genius villain, the loli, the tsunderes, and the bumbling main character with a hidden strength no one else has. Characters progressed at a pretty decent pace, they didn't stagnate too often and even when they did it was followed by a leap in growth.

Sounds/Music: 5.5

I wasn't overly impressed with the music or the sounds, they were pretty drab and overly used through out the show. Your basic electronica/techno background music with various explosions and gunfire sounds. It wasn't bad though, timed well, fit the mood well, and mostly just did what it was supposed to. I didn't notice them all that much while watching so I can't say it was a failure.

Artwork/Design: 5

I wasn't sure how I felt about random CGI artwork and regular animation melding but after a while I got used to it and eventually enjoyed the highly detailed mecha and ghouls. They gave a pretty interesting progression in mecha design as well as the show went back and forth through the time line. I also got the feeling that the designer put a lot of thought into what technological advancement might look like for those mechs. When talking about artwork and design we have to again mention that the boobs were a lot over the top and were what you might call the "ultimate fanservice" to breast lovers. Had they been toned down and maybe varied in size/shape they wouldn't have dominated

8/10 story
5/10 animation
5.5/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.5/10 overall

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