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Ristorante Paradiso

Sep 13, 2011


At first glance this sells itself as just another romance story set in Rome, not that there are tons of anime set in Rome but the romance aspect is a dime a dozen. What you get, however, is a very complex network of relationships and back stories to go with just about every support character as well as the 2 mains. One might think this would dilute the story itself with so few episodes to work with but the plot management was top notch. It had such a wonderful flow to it and the progression was never halted in the name of character development, a rare treat.


At first I got a little put off of the unusual artwork for the various scenery backdrops but while I kept looking at them and paying more attention to them they had a very artistic style which made it seem like I was watching an art gallery in motion. My one real gripe about the artwork were the male character designs which were way too similar, minor issue to be honest and the fact that the characters themselves were so unique I barely noticed this as time passed.


Another wonderful facet of the show where all the characters were nearly devoid of your typical archtypes and had an air of believability and realism which you seldom find in any anime. Some had a few sides to them which you could easily classify as your general anime character archtypes but you certainly couldn't say they were the classic definition.


A wonderful show full of originality that leaves a warm feeling at the end. While a bit low key as far as shows go this in no way detracted from it's entertainment value. I'd highly recommend this to any romance enthusiast as well as anyone that might be interested in the genre.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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