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Sep 11, 2011

A show where nothing really is as it seems or should be.


On reading the synopsis the show seemed like it had a lot of potential, and indeed after a few eps it was shaping out to be a decent story. Sadly as things progressed, or lack of progression I should say, I found myself bored and confused as to what direction the anime was taking. In the end it just didn't really go anywhere other than to seemingly setup for a second season. Though even if there does end up being a second one I'd more than likely pass on it. The plot line was stagnant at best and haphazard/directionless at worst.


At first I thought the artwork was decent enough, but after a while the canned look of the cities, ships, and other vehicles got on my nerves. Added with this were some various CG bits that just looked completely out of place and really only served to detract from the shows one decent side. It really didn't stand up to today's standards of artwork and I was a little disappointed in this fact. Coupled with the show's various other issues it really took the anime to a whole new low.


I can't say there was really anything wrong with this, the opera OP was a little funny to me, perhaps trying to allude itself to the space opera shows of the past like Banner of the Stars. Seeing how far short it fell to this theme perhaps lost more points for it after all in my eyes. A minor issue but one that still counted considering the rest of the show's failures.


I had a lot of them, and tried very hard to give them all equal screen time and back story. It failed, miserably. There were many times I had to sit and ask myself what the hell was X character thinking when they did such. I was left with so many questions as actions against the logical or even obvious counter intuitive were taken resulting in their own deaths or just complete failure as a group. Sometimes these were obviously meant to further the plot/story but I couldn't see the purpose to do so and it only made it worse that they tended to go against what you'd expect the character to have done in that situation.


A show that fell flat on it's face, and if it were to get a second season I'd have serious doubts as to the sanity of whatever production company were to pick it up. The base fact is that this show was pretty much the definition of bad. At one point I had seriously considered dropping it but having passed the halfway point I figured I should at least see how it ended if at all. I highly recommend you find something else to watch, the story being incomplete, characters showing signs of multiple personality disorder, and poor plot management just really lead to this particular show's downfall.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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