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Thankfully the story had substance to it but the ultimate issue here is that it's based on a manga that's still ongoing so has very little closure. Whether or not they plan on more seasons I don't know and even so that probably wouldn't change my opinion of this show much though I would admittedly watch them should they become available. The main problem I had with the show as it's inconsistency, it had a few conflicting problems with their plot developments which I think could have been avoided had they just planned for it better.

I think this had a lot more potential and seems to have a lot more going on in the background than what was given to us. Had they expanded it to a 24 ep and fleshed out the story a bit more it would have been a perfectly good show. As it stands it rides the crust of mediocrity.


The animation was good enough but at times I felt a bit... disappointed with it's filtered/doctored live capture stills made to look more like anime than just a picture but the obviousness of it made it seem cheap and uninteresting. Thankfully the rest of the shows designs and character models were decent enough though a bit on the similar side in many ways.


I didn't care for or against this one, it didn't detract from the show which is always important and didn't stand out in either a good nor bad way. Decent enough to not warrant my ire at least.


For a character that supposedly had lived for decades, or even worse centuries, the vampire princess was shockingly naive and frankly idiotic at times. The mistakes she practically blundered into were shocking to me. At the same time the calm and calculative character of a teenage boy way beyond his years made this one a bit hard to swallow. Still, as characters go, I didn't dislike any of them and were sadly the highlight of the show itself. They could have used a bit more depth and background but in 12 ep show that's probably just not possible without taking away from the story itself.


In the end I can't say I was impressed by this one but at the same time I can't say it was truly bad, just way below what I consider on par with this year's worthy titles so far. I can say, as I did earlier, that if there were other seasons made as the manga progresses I would definitely find time to watch them. Whether or not this improves the overall standing of this particular season is unsure.

I will say that any fan of vampires stories would be remiss to skip this one, it has a quality to it which is rare yet still maintains that same emo/gothica style of the vampire genre we all come to expect and some probably loath.

Side note: I was a little disturbed at the frequency of nakedness you get out of a main character that's basically got the body of a prepubescent girl. She might have been older than me in terms of years but the body left something to be desired... mainly height and width, in several spots >.> *feels marms breathing down his neck* wut?

6/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
5/10 overall
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AmazingLagann Feb 13, 2012

I pretty much agree with you at every point. My review gave it the exact same score.