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Jul 3, 2011

Chobits was one of the first anime series I ever watched from beginning to end nonstop. At the time I was living with a girl and we watched it together and neither of us slept for the whole night we had the DVDs for. Needless to say, we were both blown away at the time. Now years later, after seeing it again and after having seen so many other great shows, it still hasn't lost is charm and entertainment value.


At first the story seems kind of dull, lonely boy has nothing really going for him yet, has little funds, and no real friends, but one day finds an android in the trash and drags her home, turns her on and presto, instant life for douche man-child. Then things start developing, and changing, and the story goes off in a direction you aren't really expecting, characters are fleshed out and a wonderful kaleidescope of interesting plot devices are thrust at you. What is portrayed as an unassuming rom/com gives you a small injection of drama and wrapped inside a wonderful love story.


One of the many things this show has going for it, the animation was incredibly good for it's time and still holds up well to many of todays top titles. Most of the characters had a unique look and design to them, creating an easy to distinguish face for each name and personality, always a plus in my book.


Mainly I didn't notice this too much, what was given worked well with what it was keyed to. No complaints, no shock and awe either, but was still beautifully done and as such gets a higher than average rating from the sound curmudgeon that I am.


Throughout the first half of the show you're really only given a bit of character development since Chi was essentially still growing and learning and wasn't fully developed as a functioning person. Towards the middle and on through to the end things really pick up and you get a better sense of who the two mains are, and the support cast that surrounded them.


For a long time Chobits had already solidified itself as a holder in my top 50 list, yet after watching it a 3rd time, years after the first two views, I think it's actually managed to improve its standing to the top 20, and one of the top 3-5 rom/com that I've seen to date. Sweet, cute, fun, interesting, and worth a tear or two, this show is not to be missed if you like romances let alone rom/com anime. I think it's one bump to absolute perfection in the public opinion's eyes would be that Chi isn't human, this tends to limit believability in many eyes, so a bit of enjoyment in the sci-fi element doesn't hurt either.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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bvincent Nov 1, 2011

I liked this show for the most part. The fact Crispin was in the leading role gurantees me to love the character perhaps more than what they might deserve alot of the time. But in this case i found the Lead role endearing and fun to watch. Especially his inner musings which were on occasion Laugh out Loud funny.

The stories in this show were inventive and creative given what they had to play with. They weren't outstanding but again given the source material it would be hard to find anything overally Epic to tell.

I was though put of by some of the Echhi stuff. I dont mind Echhi shows and have and want to see more of them. But in this case after the first few episodes i didnt feel the need for more explicit jokes and crude storytelling as i found the concept for the show just as enjoyable before without it. It didnt ruin the show for me but those were the episodes i didnt enjoy as much.

Now the what you might call deal breaker was the end. I just found the falling in love with a Robot off putting. It was told well tho' but i wasn't really into it. I much preffered the hint at a possible Romance with the landlady. Again though given what the show had been primarily about upto the last few episodes i wasn't suprised with the final outcome, just wasn't what i would have gone for.

Infact Before the end i would have happily given this show a 3.5/5 Good but i notched it down a half star for the ending to a 3/5 Fair.

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