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Oct 3, 2009

Story/Plot: 5

It was mostly predictable but interesting enough to keep me watching. It's one of those times that predictability is more of a benefit than a hindrance to enjoyment. All in all though, there wasn't much meat to this and sometimes it just seemed like the writer was doing stuff just because they could...

Animation: 6

This varied from so-so to decent, it wasn't ever really bad, and sometimes the designs and fluidity of movement was pretty good. There wasn't anything that truly stood out for me in a good or bad way... unless you count the boobs :\

Sounds/Music: 6

I rarely notice when the background music is playing, and honestly this is typically a good thing since it's generally a mood setter and not something to be individually listened to. This time I did noticed a few points where the music abruptly stopped and I was "wrenched" from one setting to another. To me it should be a bit more fluid and unnoticeable. I wasn't so impressed here but it wasn't something I'll cry about to mommy either.

Characters: 7

Probably the most enjoyable portion of the whole show but even then had it's problems. There also wasn't a whole lot of development in the characters or their relationships but as this is what I suspect to be the first in a few seasons worth of anime I think I can over look that for future growth.

Overall: 7

I found myself laughing many times even during it's predictable moments. Though it did have a few issues, none of them were major. Aside from all that it had a very Ikki Tousen look to it, in other words, huge boobs on 90% of the female characters, clothing made of tissue paper that falls apart in combat, I even found that there were several character parallels between the two shows. A rare moment when the sum is greater than it's parts as you'll soon see.

End Note:

Despite it's glaring deficiencies, Sekrei was a very enjoyable anime. While it won't make my Top Anime list, I will be looking for possible future seasons to see how the story develops.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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