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Story/Plot: 8

It was refreshing to find a story not about man vs man, or man vs hostile alien in a space sci-fi anime. I'd give it higher marks if it didn't use the same doom and gloom to all of human kind 3 times in a row but as it stands, this is just a personal taste thing. Over all the story and plot were excellent.

Animation: 9

The designs, the fluidity, the over all scope of the show was highly enjoyable. Everything seemed to have a purpose and not just some randomly techy looking junk thrown in for atmosphere. It was highly thought out and it showed. Plus, their attention to space scapes were very much appreciated.

Sounds/Music: 7

Pretty good considering that, as most space shows do, they forget that explosions in space don't make sound. Minor really and I don't care so much about it but I still deduct points for it. The sounds in general were good and the music was ok. The change overs from scene to scene weren't bad either.

Characters: 5

Here's where the show fell apart for me. The two "main" characters, or perhaps I should say the two "genius" characters, were both annoying a lot of the time. The girl was mainly an emotional basket case while the boy was an emotional dip shit... common trend for most "genius" characters in many anime/manga. There were other characters which also had a lot of lime light but they didn't seem to change a bunch, a few did but not by a whole heck of a lot. Having very little real development/growth I can't say I was impressed here. It was mainly done, in my opinion, to keep tension high and interest in the anime up.

Overall: 7.5

This was one of those shows that skirted the line of noteworthy for me. All of it's facets were pretty good, and it kept me wanting to watch more but it lacked one thing for me. Likable main characters, even the side characters sometimes irked me randomly.

End Note:

It was a good show and worth watching if you enjoy space shows. It had a fair bit of romance to it but nothing beyond puppy love, and a few comedy elements but it's not a gut buster. Mainly this was a unique show to it's space fairing peers.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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