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Just picking anime at random can pretty much be equated to playing roulette, you got a pretty slim chance at winning but boy howdy can you find some glorious flops. Sadly this title falls into that category.


There really wasn't much of an actual story here, at least not until you get to the final ep, mostly it's just dealing with some mysterious organization that makes girls fight each other in order to gain something that will grant their wish. Cliche, full of holes, and lacking much of anything at all. It amazes me what production companies will put out for the viewers and think it'll sell just because it's got boobs and fighting.... sadly they're right, but I don't count myself among that group.


Nothing stellar but it wasn't absolutely horrid or poorly done, I gotta give them that much, the characters weren't all that great or well defined. They all had large breasts, heart shaped faces, and tissue paper clothing (Ikkitousen much anybody?).


Again, nothing worth ranting or raving about... it had sounds, I heard them, they didn't annoy me much to my dismay...


It had them... they had goals... I didn't care... Actually beyond the fact that I pretty much didn't care about -any- of the characters here, I was amazed at how shallow they were. It's like they had no depth at all, no real purpose other than to fight each other.


This show was an absolute waste of my time. Even at the ending episode with it's "surprising twist" I was pretty much uninterested. The whole thing just kind of leaves a "wtf did I just watch" feeling. If you're looking for a fighting show with chicks in it... I suggest Ikkitousen, at least that had -some- story to it, plus you still get the tissue paper clothing and chicks beating the snot out of one another. In any case, this show is with out a doubt not worth your time.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Wirusan Jun 7, 2014

Well said my good sir