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Lets just say, this show commited a sin that I will not spoil for those of you actually wanting to see it. Though it grates on my nerves that I can't forcefully enough steer you clear of this show.

My only real warning is if you're really into the Disney style story book ending, look elsewhere, you won't find that here.

Everything else about this show was average at best, and I'm thinking about the only thing that's made it so popular is bouncing boobies on a scantilly clad tsundere. Bout sums it up... I don't feel like writing up a typical review... this show doesn't deserve one.


It never fails to amaze me how people can look at another person's opinion and consider it incorrect. Or to say that voicing that opinion is incorrect. Sin, or no sin, right or wrong, this review is what it is because that is how this show made me feel after watching it. Changing it to suit the needs of the many is probably the last thing I would ever do.

As it stands I no longer respond to nonconstructive or plain rude comments on this review. I derive a bit of sick pleasure that I upset so many people over such a stupid thing simply because my opinion differs from others. If you have something interesting to add then by all means, everyone else can bite me. Until Sothis decides that user reviews need to have certain standards I have no reason to conform to you all's idea of suitable review format. If you're just another fanboy that hates me because I don't like what you like *points and laughs*.

6/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
1/10 overall

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Raitou Jul 16, 2010

bad review, reviewer sucks.

Bound Jul 10, 2010

I really hope no one takes this review seriously. You say people won't like it if they like disney happy endings? Not every show has a happy ending, I'm a big fan of disney but love Gurren Lagann. Its one of the top Anime especially a Sci-Fi.

I can't really argue with you as we have totally different tastes. I had a little look at your anime list and found you rated a classic anime Gungrave half a star out of 5 and something like elfen lied a 4/5.

Everyone has different tastes and oppinions, why would you ruin it for the majority of people who will like this show. Its not rated #22 on the site for no reason...


spawn1270 Jun 7, 2010

Spoiler: Kamina dies, Simon cries, Nia arrives, Lord Genome's demise, time flies

Spoiler2: Simon grows up, humanity rise up, moon to fall to blow the earth up, Nia is corrupt, Anti-Spiral despair Team Dai Gurren shows up

Spiral Nemesis defeated Nia disappears forever, humanity is saved

Rossiu, president

Gimmy, new Lagann pilot

Yoko, school teacher

Simon, roams the earth forever as a hermit

There, I did it for you.

Otaku108 May 11, 2010

actually I know a few of the mods, they don't care... I'm not breaking any rules, I'm not cursing, and I have many other actual reviews, TTGL just happened to piss me off

I fully expected to beat off the fanboys off with a stick due to it, honestly I find it amusing. If that makes you view me as acting like a little kid, that's your prerogative, I'm perfectly happy with that. Your opinion of me has absolutely no bearing on who I am and how I am.

The main problem is what pissed me off about TTGL is a major spoiler, to the point that I'm not willing to ruin it for others by posting up a full review explaining why all the other scores don't add up to the overall score.

That is all.

iymovies May 11, 2010

Or you could just not act like a selfish kid and stop posting useless reviews..

I'm sure the mods here don't appreciate that.