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Lets just say, this show commited a sin that I will not spoil for those of you actually wanting to see it. Though it grates on my nerves that I can't forcefully enough steer you clear of this show.

My only real warning is if you're really into the Disney style story book ending, look elsewhere, you won't find that here.

Everything else about this show was average at best, and I'm thinking about the only thing that's made it so popular is bouncing boobies on a scantilly clad tsundere. Bout sums it up... I don't feel like writing up a typical review... this show doesn't deserve one.


It never fails to amaze me how people can look at another person's opinion and consider it incorrect. Or to say that voicing that opinion is incorrect. Sin, or no sin, right or wrong, this review is what it is because that is how this show made me feel after watching it. Changing it to suit the needs of the many is probably the last thing I would ever do.

As it stands I no longer respond to nonconstructive or plain rude comments on this review. I derive a bit of sick pleasure that I upset so many people over such a stupid thing simply because my opinion differs from others. If you have something interesting to add then by all means, everyone else can bite me. Until Sothis decides that user reviews need to have certain standards I have no reason to conform to you all's idea of suitable review format. If you're just another fanboy that hates me because I don't like what you like *points and laughs*.

6/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
1/10 overall

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RetroLewp Feb 2, 2011

>mfw he hasn't even watched any of the shows that the show uses as refference.


You don't even deserve to have an opinion of this show if you don't even know anything about it other than OH GOD BOOBS. Go watch Gaogaigar, Getter Robo, Mazinger, Jeeg, Gaiking, etc. God dammit you make me rage hard.

Otaku108 Oct 13, 2010

Jet, I don't even know if I should answer that question or not... that's just like asking someone why write a review of a show they loved.

Still, the answer should be obvious; because I wished to share my opinion with others.

Whether or not someone agree's with my opinion is their own business. Whether or not anyone even reads the review is unimportant to me.

I respect anyone that would voice their opinion against my review, specifically because they liked the show, not because it's a crummy review. And yes, I recognize and agree that it's a crummy review,  stands as it will either way... this show, in my own most humble opinion, did not deserve a full review which I give to just about every other show I've ever done a review of.

JebBuck Oct 12, 2010

Question, if you didn't like this show, why would you write a review for it?

Gurren Lagann is the most notorious man show in anime land. It has boobs, yelling, explosions, and giant fighting robots, which normaly are not my sort of thing either.

For the record, I hate bouncing boobs, and I hate silly plots, yet in the end this was satisfying.

Well, at least you watched it all. I agree to dissagree with your poorly written review.

Otaku108 Sep 27, 2010

Quoting Bound's reply "You say people won't like it if they like disney happy endings?"

I didn't really want to reply to comments posted on this review anymore since really it's only going to be filled with fanboys that feel this is the best anime ever and that I can't write reviews, which is totally fine, their opinion is great. However, you are misreading something somewhere. I never said those that like Disney happy endings aren't going to like this anime, I said -specifically- that you weren't going to find that style ending here. It was as close to a spoiler as I'll ever get in regards to this show.

Fact remains that my opinion (and it is an opinion nothing more, nothing less) of this anime is vastly poor. The show wasn't much more than bouncing boobs, poor puns on a genre I didn't like to begin with, and then a suddenly pseudo serious ending which negates the whole show's flavor previous to the final eps. It had 0 consistency, no real appeal to someone with higher brain functions, and ultimately assaulted my sensibilities as and anime viewer/review/consumer.

In case that's too hard for all you prepubescents and fanboys to understand let me sum up in words with 3 syllables or less. I hated this anime, I hated it so much that I didn't feel it -deserved- a real review, it sucked, period. If your opinion differed, write your own review, that's be beauty of opinions, they're never wrong for those that have them. What is wrong is -forcing- your opinions onto someone that doesn't agree. You don't agree with my opinions, that's great, enjoy your opinions, express them, just don't expect me to bow to yours over my own.

'nuff said

MasterPoogie Sep 26, 2010