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Guin Saga

Oct 24, 2009

This anime can only be sumed up in 1 word... eh?

I found myself saying that repeatedly throughout this series from the very begining, literally from the first 2 minutes in I said it for the first time.


There was potential here, sadly poorly managed plot timing and shotty story telling really ruined it completely. If the show wasn't a overall failure I might have tried to finish it.


The running theme of the show was inconsistancy, the artwork ranged from very well done to nearly early 90's quality, aka very poor. I was both surprised and disappointed.


Nothing particularly bad other than when the drones started chanting a name they had a hard time moving on... like we're supposed to join in the chorus or something.


Again, spotty at best... from the perpetually annoying brother twin with no nuts, to the strangely manly sister twin... I couldn't decide if I wanted to praise the girl or kill the boy more.


As I said before, the show had lots of potential but there was just so little consistancy from one moment to the next. I couldn't count how many times they got captured just in the first 4 eps... I mean come on. Then all the different races just seemed to fall in line "Oh yes, you can be our king!" uuuh oookeay. Ya "eh?" was a common syllable that kept escaping my mouth. The show was hardly worth watching, so I eventually had to drop it... I'm amazed that they made it 26 eps without getting canceled. I'm not sure how anyone could follow let alone like this show. I highly recomend you find something else to watch.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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Samwise7 Feb 25, 2013

Many of these reviews are overly harsh. It desrves a MINIMUM of 7/10. This review was also based on only 2/5 of the anime. I'm only 3 episodes away from the end, and it changes quite a bit (characters included). This anime deserves better than that, and is quite distinct from other animes I have seen.

evilneko Nov 29, 2012

I wonder if the reviewer watched the same show I'm watching.

Nekosenpai Jul 19, 2012

I honestly gave the show a 10, despite battlescenes lacking in animation.

Overall the story is the most believe out of these epic-adventure themed series. People tend to rate cliche higher than 7... Does that mean people rate the same stuff over and over again an 7+?

Guin Saga is based on the worlds longest novel series written from the same author. Sure the quality of an animated series is never as good as the novel, but it get all of the storytelling elements across that most series in the genre lack.

I have to desrespect someone who rates an a well written unique like this worst than Anime Porn. The lowest acceptable rating I can see this series given is an 8.

Otaku108 May 4, 2010

if I get especially bored some day I'll take the time to watch a few more eps, if it can't show improvement by ep 15 though my review stands as is...

Cecil May 4, 2010

After 10 episodes of boredom the show changed completly. I don't know what they did, but it has to be something like kick the entire team and refill the spots with some more talented people.  After these 10 episodes the show goes on as a genius peace of fantasy anime. The little prince awakes and becomes a grim and clever guy who should not be underestimated. Guin becomes now a meaning and is more like a shadow in the show and not a second king arthus. The brother of our twins awakens and becomes a genius villian which could compete with someone like Griffith (not fully but i mention him here). Betrayal, manipulation, war, magic in combination with very nice characters makes this anime after episode10 to a hot tip for everyone who likes epic fantasy animes like record of lodoss war, berserk and so on. 

I really can't explain what these first 10 episodes with their damn irrational actions (time and space is completely ignored often) and boring pro Guin campaign should do. But after them the show "starts" to become very enjoyable.