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Nodame Cantabile

Feb 2, 2011

"FUGI!!!" *coughs* sorry, had to get that out of my system...


Ah, a typical love story of boy meets girl, boy despises girl, boy gets mercilessly pursued by girl... well, OK that's not really typical... Still, it's a slightly unoriginal theme but one that's set with interesting characters with talents and goals set in a college backdrop. The story was well told and fun, if a bit slow, to watch.


The actual animation, as in animated/moving/in action, was actually quite good. However, things take turns for the worse with pans on still frame pictures, random CGI scenes during performances, and overall cookie cutter faces at times. I seriously had trouble telling some characters apart in some instances. Not to mention that the CGI was so completely obvious that it really detracted from the show and made me take notice each and every time. Thankfully it was only during the times that the real star of this show was present.


What could I possibly say about a category that I almost never really care about beyond it setting the mood correctly for a show. The musical score for this show as incredible, it reminded me of my love of classical music and the symphony. It's incredibly rare that the sounds, actually this is probably the only show that I've ever rated the sounds as the highest score in a review. Well deserved, I want to buy the OST, another first.


Most of the characters I really enjoyed, I even got used to Nodame's... verbal tick. At first I got put off by it but they toned it down towards the latter half of the show and made it more cute and lovable than just repetitive and annoying. And when the tsundere Chiaki finally goes dere... *heart* Well worth the wait. Lots of growth and development all around, well made, and ended up wanting more of it.


Visual deficiencies aside, if you're a music lover this anime is not to be missed. More over if you like rom/com then you're also going to find something worth watching here, as long as you have the patience for a slower moving story than most. I personally am almost always a more visual oriented person so for me to set aside one of the most important categories and judge the anime as a whole should speak volumes as to it's validity into the "greats".

8/10 story
4/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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