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Bokura ga Ita

Aaah, teenage angst at it's worst....


What can I say, I haven't seen a more bland, prepackaged, and overly used subject matter in a while but this pretty much takes the cake. It really doesn't get more basic or over used than this, and sadly, without resorting to major spoilers, I can't really say anything else here. I can say, though, that I've easily seen 10 different manga, 20 other anime titles, and 50 different movies, which have used the same format of which about 80-90% of them did it better.


About the only thing that actually was somewhat decent but had it's own failings to go with it, was a slightly interesting art design. Eventually the washed out pastels, and faded borders, random star/bubble backgrounds just gets old. Just not that remarkable at all but at least not super bad quality and it was at the very best consistent throughout.


There weren't many, and they ones they had were so over used that it became almost a joke to listen to. I swear if I hear that stupid chime one more time.... and that damnable song, did they just not want to fork out the money to hire a composer? This was only if they felt the need to play any sounds at all, I think there was actually more silence than anything else in this show.


What can I say about the most over used character archtypes that I can't stand other than just this? They are over used, they were characters I didn't like, and in the end I was rooting for the best friend and the depressing sister that was fixated on the main guy. It's never a good sign when you're hoping the main two characters don't end up together in the end.


Personally, this show sucked, but as bad as it was I've seen so much worse. That being said, I really think you could and would spend your time better on something else.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
3/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall

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