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Cardcaptor Sakura

Jan 19, 2011

I give a lot of credit where credit is due, the one thing I can say about Card Captor Sakura is that it had a lot of charm and unique qualities about it that no other Maho Shoujo anime had before or since so far.


I was a bit generous on this end simply because it actually had a story to tell, it wasn't completely monster of the week and there was a definite beginning and ending to that story. The main problem here was the fact that it was very much for kids way under my age group. Half the time I was so sickened by the density of the characters, particularly Sakura herself, that I wanted to drop the anime all together. However, if I were to take it (if I had such an ability) from the viewpoint of a 10 year old or around that age, perhaps I'd really enjoy this show, really like the characters all over and truly identify with their plight. So, I gave this a generous rating that I'd usually not give otherwise.


Again, due to it's age and another unusual/unique factor, I gave this a generously higher rating than I would have otherwise. As a rule, 90's anime was generally poorly done at best, there are of course several exceptions to the rule but for some reason anime had a serious slump at that time. CCS was above the cut in that regard though just barely a lot of the time. For it's time I'd say it had a lot going for it, one such thing would be the complete and utter lack of a standardized Maho Shoujo uniform. Something you'd find in just about any -other- title is a highly stylized and very much unchanged episode to episode outfit. CCS never had anything like that, as a matter of fact she almost never had the same outfit on at any given time other than her school uniform, and almost every single outfit she wore while in the process of capturing cards was quite unique and interesting. So, extra points for that alone, plus it's better than the average animation for it's era.


I don't particularly care much about sounds, they very rarely impress me, even less of a chance of that the older the anime is. Actually the reverse is true the older the anime is the more annoying the music and sound effects tend to get. I guess the craft just hadn't been perfected enough yet. In any case this show managed to not annoy me, and as such got a passing grade. Kudos for that at least :P


As I stated before I couldn't identify with the main host of characters mainly do to the age gap. I did give it a passable score mostly because they didn't totally annoy me, they did work hard, and did grow and develop as the anime progressed. I tried my best to ignore the fact that I'm way too old for this show to truly appreciate the characters themselves and give an objective opinion here, sadly I still had to adjust in the end.


You'll notice that my Overall score isn't the same as the 4 others before it. It is one area that I cannot and will not adjust my personal opinion to suit the target age of the anime. For someone my age to watch this show seriously would require serious brain trauma first and for most. Due to some very unique points for it's genre, the outfits and unique style in which they introduced several cards without actually capturing them like many other "power acquisition" style shows do, I gave it a slightly below passing grade. As a Maho Shoujo title, this would probably rate in the top 5 if not the top 3 or even the #1 of all time right now. It has charm, style, and a unique flare that you can't and won't find anywhere else. It was a bit long being that in my opinion the second season was totally unnecessary but that's debatable.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall

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Xplayer Mar 8, 2011

I disagree with your review overall. There are a couple of points I'd like to address.

First, the density of the characters did get frustrating, but rather than desiring to drop the show, it motivated me more to get to the point at which their love would be realized.

Second, sound includes voice acting, which I thought was excellent in this show. I admit that I probably liked the soundtrack better than most people would as I really liked the music and such.

Third, you say that you could not identify with the characters because of the age gap. As an older viewer, rather than the characters identifying with how I am now, they bring me back to a simpler time and provide a nostalgic look into the days when life just started to get complicated. Also, I believe that love is something that can be identified with at every age, no matter how old the characters are (within reason of course, and CCS falls within that reasonable boundary).

Fourth, while I understand your overall grade, I could not disagree more. Card Captor Sakura was the first anime I watched with a Japanese dub, and therefore it will always have a special place in my heart. I feel that it is very family friendly, not just oriented towards a younger demographic. I watched the show when I was 16, and tonight I'm going to my college's anime club to watch it again. Also, the second season was the resolution of the Clow arc, so I have no idea why you called it "unnecessary."

Of course, you're entitled to your opinion and the expression of it, but I simply could not allow these points to go unaddressed. I'm willing to discuss them with you further if you desire.