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Oct 19, 2009


There was just the slightest hint of shoujo-ai going on here but nothing so blatant as what I've seen recently. Not that I personally care about it one way or the other. The story was pretty good even if it was just a bit unrealistic. I think they tried just a bit too hard at times but it didn't come off too badly. Pretty much just an enjoyable entertainment worth your time at only 13 eps.


The artwork was pretty stellar, something you'd expect from this particular time really and while some things did stick out a bit as a bit above average, the rest was pretty much your typical anime.


The typical gunshots, explotions, lots of noise, but it was rather flawless for the most part. Sounds and music rarely wow me and it didn't here, it also didn't ruin the flow, which can easilly happen for me. The OP and ED were memorable to some degree though.


There were a lot of funny characters, and some psychotic ones as well... I think over all my favorite character was a rather minor one but hilarious none the less, the taxi cab driver. In the end the characters were interesting but somewhat unreal.


There were a few flaws to the show, and while I rated it higher in stars than the 1-10 scale it really doesn't deserve any higher than an 8.5 over all. I couldn't understand the motivations behind some of the characters and the plot seemed to skip every so often. It was still an entertaining show and well worth my time.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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