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Amagami SS

For me this show was an unusual yet welcome concept. Take 6 girls, 1 guy, and tell a love story for each pairing separately through the same year of the guy's life. At first I was thinking that the progression was extremely fast for a 25 ep show but as I figured out later, it was more akin to 6 4-5 ep shows based on the same characters. If you still don't understand what I mean read the whole review and then post below if you're still confused.


Each story had its different merits, some I liked more than others but none I disliked except for the final episode which was a story in of itself and really found more creepy than cute/endearing. Ultimately my favorites ended up being the two underclassmen girls, one a swimmer the other painfully shy, both very well made characters in their own right.


The art, designs, and characters were all great, very nicely done, tasteful and devoid of any cartoony faces or over exaggerated bodies/movements. Mainly what I've come to expect from a show of this time. High quality and consistency.


As usual, sounds are unimportant to me as long as they don't break the flow, annoy, or even worse pull me out of the mood of the show itself. For the most part this did it's job, had no real outstanding points and so got an above average score.


As I stated before, there were some I liked more than others, some I thought were a bit much, and even one I thought I would probably strangle if she were my girlfriend. Also, as stated before, my favorites were the two kouhai girls Ai, and Sae. Each had their own drastically different characters, one grew a lot during her time at center stage while the other help push along our "hero" in her own way. My least favorite and the one I'd probably strangle but I in no way actually hated would have been the only sempai character he dated but it was cute in it's own way.


In the end I was very pleasantly surprised by this show, I wasn't sure what to make of it by the site synopsis but as the show progressed I was charmed by it's unique take on an old genre. To me it almost played out as a dating sim game one might find in Japan that someone was playing for you and you just got to sit back and watch the show as they hit all the right flags to get to the desired ending with the target girl. Done in such a fashion I've yet to see in any other anime so I say unique from my own perspective. It's also for such a reason I have no idea how to rec this to other titles. It's most certainly a must see for any rom/com and/or harem fan. I say this as I add it to my own Top Anime List ;) Enjoy!

8/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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LinkSword says...

Nice review, I pretty much agree with every score.

My favorite girl was also Ai. She was witty, clever, cute and endearing altogether.

Didn't really care for Sae though. I did like her, but definitely not as much as the other five girls who were all loveable on their own way.

The show itself is very good. Dialogues are definitely the opposite I've come to expect from every romcom adaptation, which would be boring, generic and with a serious lack of that much needed energetic vibe to make conversations feel more fluent and realistic. Also Amagami gave me many heartwarming moments to pleasurely sink myself into, and some fun sidekicks as well.

Definitely a series I'd recommend for romance fans. I'm not really one myself and still loved every minute.

Jan 21, 2011