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Nov 11, 2010


This was actually a pretty good watch, my one real complaint would be the ending, it left just a few too many loose ends in my opinion. Well maybe only one major one and a few minor but the major one was the problem, and no I will not go into details because it would be a spoiler.


Great artwork, nice character designs, no rainbow hair colors, realistic hair styles, decent city design, realistic vehicles... there wasn't anything bad about it for the most part. I guess it's main issues is that it didn't wow me or I would have put it at a perfect 10. After shows like Clannad and it'd ilk, it's not easy to wow me anymore :P


Average at best, I did notice a couple points where the music ended abruptly at a scene change causing a flow problem but it's a minor gripe so I didn't really deduct points. I didn't care about the OP or ED so no additional points for that either.


Some really great characters in here, many of which did do some development but not really growth. The main villain I really wanted to slug at the end... glad someone got around to doing it, then I really wanted to kill him......... Point is, characters were what I thought they should be, didn't always do what I expected them to, and some came at me completely sideways.


I'd like to say this was a top anime, one to really watch and enjoy for just about everyone. Sadly there were a few problems with it that left me wanting to fix them. I can't really say what these problems are because they would be spoilers but we'll just say some things were left unfinished, and a few of them were kind of major in my book. Either way, this was a good show, I did enjoy it for the most part, and I can't say I was upset at how things finished. You could waste your time on something much much worse.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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